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Quality culture, quality built system to create attractive, a soul service.

LANNIAO philosophy

Technology and service base to create the highest quality products and services for the separation of business contribute to the development.

With the chemical, pharmaceutical industry's rapid development, the separation process requirements are constantly improved, completely different from the past simple, extensive separation requirements, reflected in the centrifuge separation performance, work environment, automation capabilities, reliability, etc. has a higher demand. Corrosive materials such as the separation of super high-grade applications where explosion-proof, ultra-fine materials, the separation of high-viscosity materials, cleanliness requirements, automatic control, unattended remote monitoring requirements. This is the manufacturer's opportunities and challenges.

We believe that, not only in technology, quality, reliability, stronger than other manufacturers, is more important is communication and services, we provide customized to each client's proprietary service. 

Service concept

Professional - allows you to rest assured

Sincere - to-heart

LANNIAO to the entire sales process as a customer service process, whether it is pre-sales consulting, sales in the negotiations, or after-sales service, are professional, sincere, sustained service.

LANNIAO has a professional technical team, there are a number of high-tech quality and experienced service personnel, the establishment of technical files and quality of the user files, once the centrifuge have any problems during the operation, we will within the shortest possible time solutions to problems and to help users solve the problem.

We treat every technical advice are taken seriously, and have detailed records for the separation of the customer's requirements for the separation of the nature of the materials to recommend the most suitable selection of centrifuges, especially for flammable and explosive and strong corrosion materials, technical team will study, careful analysis, based on our application experience, if necessary, require separation of materials for static analysis and dynamic tests, the test based on the results, make selection recommendations to make centrifuges to meet actual Separation conditions and safety requirements. For some specific requirements, the technical team can be tailored to user requirements for the customer, from the draft involved, the program to confirm the signing of the contract manufacturing and service of each process, we are the most professional. 

Quality Management

Three "noes" principle

LANNIAO of enterprise quality management is not always adhere to three principles, namely, "do not accept substandard goods, not manufactured substandard goods, non-delivery of substandard goods."

LANNIAO has a high-quality prime technical team, the team everyone with their own understanding and interpretation of the concept of Bluebird spirit, their production is responsible for safety, quality, customer is responsible for the Blue Jays.

Service commitment

1.1 The commitment: on the implementation of this bid package centrifuge repair, replace or return. Positive response to the tender document's quality assurance requirements.

1.2 Centrifuge for 12 months quality guarantee, as in the warranty period due to poor manufacture damaged or not working, the Company is responsible for repair or replacement free of charge (excluding wearing parts).

1.3 Quality assurance during the period, such as quality problems, the company received the demand side to give notice within one hour telephone response, such as the telephone can not be solved, 24 hours to reach the scene (as usual service holidays); as part of the manufacturer's responsibility, the Company responsible for the repair, replacement or return, as a result of demand-side problems caused by improper use, the company will actively cooperate with the solution, the cost borne by the demand side.

1.4 Bidder lifelong service to all parts; periodic maintenance of equipment.

1.5 there is the warranty period as the design quality of the equipment is found by the bidder is responsible to solve.

1.6 Use equipment from the date of acceptance, the seller offers a wide range offer lifetime technical support.

1.7 during the design life of the equipment, the bidder to ensure the normal supply of parts to ensure the normal use of the device. Warranty period for replacement parts, price the bidder will be provided.

1.8 free guide installation and commissioning, personnel training, technical support.

1.9 Regular users pay a return visit, the timely processing of user comments.

1.10 software: the host equipment to provide equipment delivery, accessories, the main component parts of the plate (installed on the host and auxiliaries), certification, quality certificates, use (repair, maintenance) manuals, control software (free for life upgrade), with the assembly and maintenance department installed map, the vulnerability of part drawing, packing list, spare parts and tools list.