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AUT have tried their best PAUT top-hung type scraper/lower unloading centrifuge

AUT have tried their best PAUT top-hung type scraper/lower unloading centrifugeAUT How To Work
AUT have tried their best PAUT top-hung type scraper/lower unloading centrifuge using centrifugal force field is the role of solid - liquid separation, radial and axial movement of the blade through the material scraped from the drum wall to complete the discharge process, the machine gas cleaning device equipped with washing, so washing the material fully, improve product quality.
The machine can be used for a sugar (sugar), glucose, cream separation, is one of the key equipment of the sugar industry. The machine can also be used to separate the solid grains smaller, more viscous, good liquidity, strong texture, difficult to use gravity discharge of material, the general suspension of the solid-liquid ratio (by weight) 45-60% is more appropriate .


1, flat structure and the liquid damping technology; use of flat-plate structure, run more smoothly, operate more convenient; liquid damping the use of technology, making the centrifuges superior vibration isolation and damping performance; not form the basis of installation, easy to machine installation and maintenance.

2, chassis and flat base with a rigid chassis structure to connect the whole undertaking, the structure more simple, more compact machine.

3, the length of a large bearing support, bearing performance; bearing as stand-alone, with oiling up and down the channel, operation and maintenance more convenient.

4, direct connection with the spindle motor, no belt, completely avoiding the friction dust pollution of the environment.

5, equipped with a hydraulic brake (or pneumatic) components, in case of emergency when the emergency brake.

6, equipped with gas-assisted scraper and gas recoil device, which can effectively eliminate the residual cake layer, filter cloth in order to facilitate regeneration and improve the filtering effect.

Technical parameters

Item \ ModelAUT1250NAAUT1250NBAUT1320NAUT1600N
Drum diameter mm1250125013201600
Drum volume L281450490880
Maximum loading limit kg3806106601180
Drum speed r/min970970900750
Separation factor658658598504
Motor Power kw22303045
Dimensions mm2150*2100*21502150*2100*28002150*2100*28002700*2500*3000
Weight kg3800430045008500

Item \ ModelPAUT1250NAPAUT1250NBPAUT1320NPAUT1600N
Drum diameter mm1250125013201600
Drum volume L281450598900
Maximum loading limit kg4206708001200
Drum speed r/min900/970900/970850/900750/800
Separation factor567/658567/658534/598504/573
Motor Power kw18.5/2222/303745
Dimensions mm2100*2000*22002100*2000*26002300*2200*26002750*2600*2800
Weight kg45005600600011000

 Structure: shell configuration the feed pipe, wash pipe, mirrors, exhaust, manholes, lightening holes; closed structure. Drum and the shell, flip and other components of stainless steel (SUS304),. Base as the casting, the surface covered with stainless steel. Drum, shell and outside surfaces, the exposed surface of the machine are polished.
 All fasteners for stainless steel.
 PLC control.
 Electromechanical material procedure control.
 Transmission and brake: normal motor (or explosion-proof motor) inverter braking.
 Pneumatic motion systems
 PAUT with flat structure, liquid damping shock absorber.

Optional equipment
 On-line cleaning system;
 Nitrogen protection system;
 Radio Frequency emission material procedure control
 Touch screen control
 Hydraulic motion system
 Gas-assisted scraper
 Separation of materials according to user requirements using the corresponding anti-corrosion stainless steel (SUS304, 316,316 L, 321, etc.)

paut Schematic

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