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SD/PD Series Hanging Bag up Discharging centrifuge


1. Frequency control,stable starting.separation factor is adjustable.
2. Punching bag unloading, low labor strength, with high efficiency.
3. Structural design reasonable, effective eliminate health blind angle, structure filter sleek, with surface polishing treatment, external structure parts, fasteners and drum are made of stainless steel. Shell for clamshell type, with a drum of centrifuge shell mezzanine space thoroughly clean.
4. Configuration of online cleaning system,centrifuge online cleaning of centrifuge enclosure walls,and internal and external surface, a drum set liquid trough etc centrifuge internal not visible surface parts for cleaning. For GMP requirements of equipment.
5. Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
6. Grain not easy and broken.
7. Configuration nitrogen protection system to guarantee the centrifuge lumen and external air segregation.
8. Versatility, application scope.
9. Airtight structure, sealers adopt silicon rubber or fluorine rubber. Can realize airtighr explosion-proof requirementrs, suitable for toxic and inflammable, explosive situation of application.
10. Above chemicals used in pharmaceutical and configuration of the points, visual specific request matching, to achieve technical economy requirements.

Item / Model PD-800 PD-1000 PD-1200 PD-1250 PD-1500 PD-1800
Drum diameter mm 800 1000 1200 1250 1500 1800
Drum volume L 90 140 250 300 700 910
Maximum loading limit kg 135 200 300 400 800 1180
Drum speed r/min 1200/1500 1080/1200 950 900 850 720
Separation factor 645/1007 650/805 605 645 606 522
Motor Power kw 7.5 11 18.5 18.5 22 30
Dimensions mm 1835*1270*930 2110*1690*994 2315*1720*1085 2418*1720*1085 2360*2150*1700 3095*2435*1715
Weight kg 1600 2300 3300 3600 6200 7500

PD结构示意图Standard Manufacturing Form:
◎structure:Shell configuration clamshell,incoming tube,Washing tubes,GuanGhajing,vent,lighting hole:closed structure,drum and Shell,flip the component such as stainless steel structure(SUS304) manufacturing.base for casting parts,such as spray paint.
◎all fasteners for stainless steel parts.
◎transmission and braking:general motors(to explosion-proof motors)+cconverter+braking energy.
◎machine factory with a special sling a set of.
◎clamshell use spring booster device.

Device for choice:
◎hydraulic automatic clamshell
◎online cleaning system
◎nitrogen protection system
◎no foundation forms(no base chassis and dampening pad)
◎external structure (base) material for stainless steel
◎according to the users of separation material required by the corresponding stainless steel corrosion material(SUS304,316,316L,321,etc.).
◎transmission and braking:general motors(to explosion-proof motors)+friction-type hand brake.