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GKH Automatic siphon type horizontal scraper unloading centrifuge

Automatic siphon type horizontal scraper unloading centrifugeGKH Properties and Uses
GKH Automatic siphon type horizontal scraper unloading centrifuge is a continuous operation intermittent discharge of solid-liquid separation equipment.
It adopts PLC program control by frequency control, the braking system to achieve variable speed drink machine electric brake brakes, material level through the detection, speed detection, axle temperature, vibration monitoring, etc. to achieve the separation of the automatic cycle operation . (Including: feeding, dehydration, separation, washing, washing nets and unloading process) can also be manually controlled with the operation.
GKH series siphon fully automated scraper centrifuge addition to the above purposes, especially for small particle size, filtration rate is slow, the need to wash large loads and solid-liquid production of low levels of the occasion.

GKH working principle
Horizontal siphon scraper centrifuge, in addition to a common driving force Scraper centrifuges, there are similar to the siphon tube pumping power.
Centrifuge load, by the recoil tube to siphon fluid tank interior, the liquid from the siphon chamber pressure through the drum via the drum outside the gap, the side of excluding siphon air, one hand in the formation of a layer of liquid on the filter media so that the feed distribution. Then rotate to the requirements of the lower position, the feed end, the siphon to the lowest position (position of maximum diameter of the siphon chamber). Suspension into the drum, the solid particles are trapped in the cloth, while the liquid is filtered through cloth and the inner drum, the drum inside and outside together in the gap, the drum and through holes into the siphon chamber Siphon chamber, then siphon away the deposition of solid to drying, the cylinder began to promote the scraper blade rotation, and then slid off the machine hopper, the discharge after the completion of washing their nets, siphon scraper centrifuge filter cloth not only in the drum to wash, but also managed to siphon from the recoil chamber adding rinse water to control the spin up and down the siphon, the liquid inside the drum from the following pulse-type backwash filter can be washed according to material properties determine the time and frequency, automatically after washing net the next cycle of duty cycle.

GKH Features
1, with the same specifications of the horizontal scraper centrifuge compared to production capacity by 40% -60%, and the filter cake moisture content is low.
2, changes in siphon filter liquid outlet position adjustable rate, to achieve the feed, separation, cake washing and cake filtration dehydration with different speeds, so that the centrifuge is always the best mode of operation, the equipment running smoothly, vibration and noise are small.
3, the scraper after the loop. Joined by siphon regeneration of the liquid feed tube for regeneration of the filter cake residue resuspension, and removal of residual backwash filter cake.

Technical parameters

Item \ ModelGKH800GKH1050GKH1250GKH1600GKH1800
Drum diameter mm8001050125016001800
Drum height mm45050063010001250
Drum volume L1102103358791390
Loading limit kg14023043011001800
Maximum speed r/min150014001200950900
Maximum separation factor100711501006808815
Motor Power kw374575/90132160
Dimensions mm2439*1900*21503000*2300*23303875*2500*26125620*3200*39305862*3600*3910
Weight kg4000780080002000024500