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SX/PX Series Hanging Bag up Discharging Centrifuge

Hanging Bag up Discharging CentrifugeSX/PX Strutures and properties 
PX type centrifuge are three foot type. Artificially next unloaded and intermittent operating filtering equipment. The upper feed tube material through in feeding speed, by the uniform cloth fabric drum wall. High-speed take off liquid.Material in centrifugal field. Under the action of liquid through the filter medium eduction body outside, solid phase content within the drum interception after stopping reducing speed by artificially will solid-phase thing from within the drum, from the centrifuge unloaded the eduction. Suitable for separating containing solids content (granular, crystalline or fibrous ) concentration 5-60%. The suspension particle rain 0.05 mm. Widely used in chemical industry. Light industry. Food. Pharmaceutical.metallurgy, etc.

PX type is flat next unloading centrifuge, canceled the traditional hanging type machine leg. The flat panel counterweight and high viscosity damping vibration absorption shock-isolation device, no foundation installation. The machine inside and outside is smooth, full airtight design, explosion-proof,spotlessness.

Technical parameters:

Drum Motor Power kw Weight kg Dimensions mm
Diameter mm Effective volume L Loading limit kg Drum speed r/min Maximum separation factor
SX/PX800 800 100 155 1200/1500 645/1008 7.5/11 2000 1800*1200*1670
SX/PX1000 1000 150 230 1000/1200 560/806 11/15 3000 2050*1500*2000
SX/PX1250 1250 280 400 900 567 18.5 5000 2350*1650*2450