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Highly corrosive materials centrifuge

Highly corrosive materials centrifuge 
强腐蚀料离心机For a variety of corrosive material, the centrifuge plant at this stage to take measures for the centrifuge full lining anti-corrosion materials (such as plastic-lined, rubber lined, PTFE lining, etc.) + key wear parts corrosion-resistant metal materials (such as titanium material, zirconium, etc.), but has a strong corrosive materials (such as hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, etc.), the coating is highly demanding, if there is slight cracks in the layer of metal will make a strong corrosion, resulting in centrifuge scrapped, or even personal safety accidents.

LanNiao easy to crack for the coating characteristics of the centrifuge structure of the following improvements:

Patented dynamic seal technology
Ensure that the bearing can not be 100% oil contaminated materials, corrosive liquids within the drum can not erode the bearing body.

Integration of custom anti-corrosion
Welding machine to connect through technology, will be prone to cracking where the integration used in all hard-wired, completely solve the connection between the coating and easy cracking of the state.

Optimization of protection scraper
Scraper working state easily wear coating, blade in strong corrosive conditions and can easily be corrosion control lines. Bluebird by mechanical limit, when the scraper centrifuge operation rose out of the machine, to avoid excessive exposure to the material lead to corrosion of blade, while avoiding damage to the coating out of control.

强腐蚀料离心机局部图Flange sealing improvement
Improved flange sealing and docking mode, the connection between the docking components more closely. Better preservation and maintenance more convenient.

Lining PTFE centrifuge its features:
First, with excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high-viscosity lubrication, electrical insulation and good anti-aging endurance. In -250 ℃ ~ 280 ℃ temperature long-term work.
Second, the filtered solids particle size> 0.01mm
Third, give full play to the PTFE surface of the non-bonding: almost all of the material does not bond with the Teflon coating. Thin film also showed good adhesion properties are not. With good filtration and backwashing performance can be filtered to ensure its long-term effectiveness.

Features lined centrifuge
Lined with plastic material: modified polyethylene, high-quality carbon steel or SUS304 stainless steel plate processing drum, shell. Outlet pipe, foreskin, rotational molding and other equipment before the drying trays, rust, dirt, cleaned weld tumor, welding slag, etc.
Centrifuge in the case of continuous use, can withstand temperature 0 - 60 degrees Celsius, the case of intermittent use, can withstand the maximum temperature of 65 degrees Celsius in acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive medium in long-term use. Lining high density, strong integrity, no stress. no interface, no welds, no loss, no cracks, no bubbles, thickness uniformity. anti-aging, anti-wear, no green, no pollution.

Use of rubber lined centrifuge

Media Allowable concentration% Temperature℃ Media Allowable concentration% Temperature℃
Soft rubber Hard rubber Soft rubber Hard rubber
Hydrochloric acid ≤50 Any 65 Ethanol Any Any 60
Sulfuric acid ≤2 ≤60 65 Propanol Any Any 55
Nitric acid ≤80 ≤8 20 Methanol Any Any 65
Acetic acid   Any concentration 65 Sulfuric acid Sodium hydrogen Any Any 65
Vinegar tincture ≤85 ≤25 65 Lime Any Any 50
Phosphate Any Any 50 Ammonia Any Any 50
Citric acid - Any 65 Neutral salt solution Any Any 65
Acid - Any 65 Bleaching powder Any Any 35
Formic acid Any Any 38 Ferric chloride ≤50 Any 65
Oxalic acid ≤50 Any 65 Zinc chloride ≤50 Any 35
Hydrofluoric acid Concentrated Concentrated 65 Temperature and chlorine   Any 65
Hydrobromide Any Concentrated 38 Chlorine   Saturation 40
Sodium hydroxide Any Any 65 Sodium hypochlorite   ≤10 65
Potassium hydroxide ≤50 Any 65 Hydrogen sulfide   Saturation 65