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Automatic scraper down discharging centrifuge

全自动离心机PGZ / SGZ Series centrifuges can be used to set the program requirements, automatic feeding, separating, washing, dewatering and discharging, can realize remote control, high degree of automation, large capacity, suitable for containing small medium grain size and the suspension of solid liquid separation, can also be used for solid-liquid separation of fibrous materials.

Automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge with flat structure and the liquid damping technology, stand-alone fabric swashplate system, a large flip and on-line cleaning equipment, surface treatment and the GMP standard with an interactive man-machine control interface, security function: over shock protection, overcurrent protection, control material layer mechanical and electrical interlock protection device.

PGZ Main features

1. adopting PLC control,the program sets,none combination of automation,the charging,initial filtering and washing,precise filtration,unloading process monitoring.
2. Frequency control,stable starting.separation factor is adjustable.
3. Braking energy,non-control braking mode,no friction dust pollution.
4. Airtight structure,sealers adopt silicon rubber or fluorine rubber,centrifuge lumen nitrogen protection, can achieve airtight explosion-proof requirements.
5. Structural design is reasonable,online cleaning system,to ensure the cleanliness requirements,in conformity with the requirements,in conformity with the requirements of GMP.
6. Electromechanical materials processes control.
7. Security protection:speed detection,vibration protection,motor overloaded overheating protection,scraper rotating,lifting machinery electrical dual control,scraper and drum the linkage of the lock.

Above configuration has chemical and pharmaceutical use with the points,visual specific request matching,to achieve technical economy requirements.

全自动离心机优势说明 SGZ/PGZ系列离心机

PGZ How To Work
SGZ/PGZ series centrifuge is vertical scraper lower unloading,continuous operation and intermittent discharging ,program control of automatic filtering type centrifuge.motor driving drum rotated to feeding speed condition,stay separated by feeding tube material into high speed rotating drum inside,feeding reach the predetermined stopped feeding.Rose to capacity centrifugal separation,high-speed,material under the action of the filter cloth(mesh)by realizing filtering,liquid wear by drum hole filter layer by the cavity jilt to eject,solid phase liquid pipe is being trapped in the cylindrical drum formed in the filter cake,then to filter cake can be washed,reached after separation requirements,speed to unloading speed state,scraper device,will filter cake from drum wall under the lower by scraping discharge centrifuge mouth eduction.




Standard configuration
1. structure: Shell configuration inspection cover and feeding tube, washing tubes,GuanGhajing,vent,lighting hole:Closed structure.drum and shell parts for stainless steel materials(such as manufacturing,base SUS304)for casting parts.
2. adopting PLC control:
3. Electromechanical materials processes control:
4. Transmission and braking:general motors(or explosion-proof motors)+converter+braking energy;
5. Hydraulic action system:

Optional equipment
1. Nitrogen protection system;
2. Radio Frequency emission material procedure control;
3. Touch screen control;
4. Gearbox drive (low speed by a small motor drag)