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GK(F)series automatic horizontal scraper centrifuge

automatic horizontal scraper centrifugeGK How To Work 
Reach full speed motor driven drum, the feed valve automatically opens, the material from the feed tube into the drum, with the rake teeth the role of the suspension of the solid phase sprinkle evenly distributed in the drum, the centrifugal force under the action of liquid material through the filter cloth and the drum wall of the drum discharge hole, through the drain tube from the plane, with the cake layer thickness increases. Rake teeth for relative rotation, when the rake teeth to a certain rotation angle, touch the limit switch and cut off the relay, the inlet valve closed, the feed stops. While washing valve automatically opens, spray washing liquid after washing the filter cake on the tube, when the cake washed, the washing liquid after washing the filter cake on the spray tube, when the cake washed, the washing valve closed, the centrifuge to dehydration, drying, and then rotate the scraper blade. The materials are scraped out of the hopper by gravity from the plane.

Uses and Features
GK-type centrifuge is a continuous operation, Scraper, intermittent operation filtering centrifuge for separating solid particles containing greater than 0.01mm, the weight concentration of solid particles and liquid viscosity of greater than 25% less than 102Pa . s suspension. The series of centrifuge hydraulic and electrical joint control, can achieve a higher degree of automation, feed, off the liquid, washing and discharging can be achieved manually, but also regulate the operating time of each process, or use PC achieve automatic control. Horizontal scraper centrifuges are widely used in chemical, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries in the ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate, nickel sulfate, ferrous sulfate, starch, boric acid, anthracene, polyvinyl chloride, urea, caustic soda, salt, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, and a hundred kinds of materials separation.

GK Technical parameters

DrumDiameter mm80010001250
Height mm400460500
Effective volume L95170230
Loading limit kg135200280
Maximum speed r/min14001200800/1200
Maximum separation factor876800960
Feed speed r/min300-600
Main motor power kw303745/55
Operating oil pressure MPa1.51.52.5
Dimensions mm2250*1600*17452300*2000*18612460*2260*2060
Weight kg400060007800