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SS/SB Series vertical upper unloading centrifuge

三足式离心机SS/SB How To Work: 
SS,SB series of centrifuges are three foot type upper unloading filtering centrifuges, stay separated by feeding tube material into high speed rotating centrifuge drum in a centrifuge force,under the action of materials to be delivered through the filter cloth (mesh)to implement filtering,liquid liquid pipe by out to eject,solid phase is intercept in drum drum,stay within prescribed in the filer cake to feed machine to stop when the pack pack of materials,the filter cake,and will be washed,to filter out Washing after separation requirements,downtime,SS,SB,PSB series centrifuge by artificially discharged filter cake.

Standard Manufacturing Form:
◎structure:Shell configuration clamshell,incoming tube,Washing tubes,GuanGhajing,vent,lighting hole:closed structure,drum and Shell,flip the component such as stainless steel structure(SUS304) manufacturing.based for casting parts,such as spray paint.
◎ all fasteners for stainless steel parts.
◎transmission and braking:explosion-proof motors(or general motors)+cconverter+braking energy.

Project TypeSS/SB-600SS/SB-800SS/SB-1000SS/SB-1200SS/SB-1250
Drum diameter mm600800100012001250
Drum volume L45100140280310
Maximum loading limit kg75135200380420
Drum speed r/min16001200/15001000/1200960/1050960/1050
Separation factor860645/1006560/806620/740645/770
Motor Power kw35.5/7.57.5/1111/1515/18.5
Dimensions mm1410*1140*8001680*1300*9802000*1550*12002260*1765*13502260*1765*1350
Weight kg9801500200030003200

PB Schematic

Device for choice:

三足式离心机2◎online cleaning system.
◎nitrogen protection system
◎external structure(based)material for stainless steel
◎according to the users of separation material required by the corresponding stainless steel corrosion material(SUS304,316,316L,321,etc.).
◎no foundation forms(no base chassis and dampening pad).
◎transmission and braking:general motors(to explosion-proof motors)+friction-type hand brake.