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SG/PG series under unloading centrifuge manual scraper

under unloading centrifuge manual scraperSG/PG How To Work: 
Motor driven rotating drum, the feed speed in the state of the material from the feed tube into the drum. After the volume of feed intended to stop the feed, up to high-speed separation. Feed and high-speed separation process, under the centrifugal force, the liquid material through the filter cloth and the drum wall of the drum discharge hole, through the drain tube from the plane, the solid phase material is retained in the drum, the separation speed to complete discharge speed state, the scraper for artificial lift, rotary reciprocating motion, the solid phase material scraped from the drum wall, the lower part of discharge from the centrifuge.

Product performance and use
SG series centrifuge is a three-column, manual scraper bottom discharge, intermittent operation filtering centrifuge. Each operation can be adjusted. Simple structure, convenient operation solid phase unbreakable and can get fully washed labor intensity small adaptability characteristics. For separation with solid phase particle size greater than 0.05mm, the concentration range of 5-60% of the suspension. Used in chemical, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries.

PLC + frequency control, braking, level detection (contact), vertical ordinary (or Ex) motors, general driving and safety belt cover (carbon), on-site operation box.

Optional equipment
Constant torque ordinary (explosion proof) motor, anti-static (or other type) drive belt. Regenerative braking, LCD touch screen; vibration protection, nitrogen protection, speed display; measured oxygen or nitrogen control; flip open lid structure chain protection; a liquid outlet liquid seal-type gas-liquid separator; line cleaning structure, anti-high-pressure gas blowing systems; non-contact detection of material level; inclined bucket asynchronous distributor; anchor bolts and other configuration requirements.

Technical parameters

Item / Model SG/PG800 SG/PG1000 SG/PG1250 SG/PG1500
Drum diameter mm 800 1000 1250 1500
Drum volume L 115 140/180 260 580
Drum height mm 400 420/500 500 700
Maximum loading limit kg 120 180/220 320 750
Drum speed r/min 1200/1500 1080/1200 970 850
Separation factor 645/1007 650/805 631 605
Motor Power kw 7.5/11 15 18.5 30
Dimensions mm 1950*1540*1975 2160*1899*1670 2620*2000*2200 2807*2015*2850
Weight kg 2000 3200/3500 4000 9200

Schematic diagram of SG