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PS/PB Series vertical upper unloading centrifuge

PS / PB main features
1, structure design, the effective elimination of a health corner, the structure transition is smooth, the surface has been polished, outside structure parts and tightening parts are made ​​of stainless steel drum. Shell clamshell, can centrifuge drum shell and mezzanine space for thorough cleaning.
2, base and case for the whole welded structure, to undertake high intensity.
3, the base is flat, lower center of gravity of the machine, the installation space is smaller, flat base will serve as a platform, operate more convenient.
4, liquid damping shock absorber configuration, more efficient to eliminate vibration, simplifying routine maintenance.
5, flip cover, set the feed pipe, wash pipe, mirrors, lighting hole. Automatic online cleaning system, the centrifuge shell wall, inside and outside surface of the drum, set the liquid pool surface is not visible centrifuge parts cleaning to ensure cleanliness requirements, meet the GMP standard.
6, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.
7, versatility for a wide range. Can be used for solid phase for the separation of granular suspensions can also be used for the separation of fibrous materials.
8, the inverter can be started, start a smooth, adjustable separation factor; non-contact power brake system; anti-static belt drive; body enclosed structure, sealed with silicone rubber or fluorine rubber. Anti-explosion requirements for toxic and flammable and explosive applications.
9, Nitrogen protection system to ensure that the centrifuge chamber and the outside air.
10, the grain is not easy to break.
Configured with the above chemical and pharmaceutical use of the points, depending on the particular requirements of matching, to achieve the technical and economic requirements.


Item / Model PS/PB-600 PS/PB-800 PS/PB-1000 PS/PB-1200 PS/PB-1250
Drum diameter mm 600 800 1000 1200 1250
Drum volume L 45 100 140 280 310
Maximum loading limit kg 75 135 200 380 420
Drum speed r/min 1600 1200/1500 1000/1200 960/1050 960/1050
Separation factor 860 645/1006 560/806 620/740 645/770
Motor Power kw 3 5.5/7.5 7.5/11 11/15 15/18.5
Dimensions mm 1280*1000*1160 1550*1200*1230 1790*1380*1290 2140*1620*1520 2140*1620*1520
Weight kg 980 1500 2000 3000 3200

Standard Manufacturing Form:
◎structure:Shell configuration clamshell,incoming tube,Washing tubes,GuanGhajing,vent,lighting hole:closed structure,drum and Shell,flip the component such as stainless steel structure(SUS304) manufacturing
◎all fasteners for stainless steel parts.
◎transmission and braking:general motors(to explosion-proof motors)+friction-type hand brake.
◎liquid damping shock absorber.

Device for choice:
◎online cleaning system.
◎nitrogen protection system
◎according to the users of separation material required by the corresponding stainless steel corrosion material(SUS304,316,316L,321,etc.).
◎after vibration protection device.
◎open cover protection device.
◎on-site explosion-proof  button.