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Experimental centrifuge

实验用离心机  The centrifuge is the Blue Jays series of small enterprises according to GMP and the experimental requirements, divided into SS Three flat on the material and the PB closed two models, with a compact, elegant appearance, high speed, low noise, stepless adjustment fast, smooth operation, no basic installation and so on. For separation with solid phase particle size ≥ 0.01 mm suspension. Widely used in universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical, chemical, food, chemical and other enterprises in the small test chamber material testing.

Experimental centrifuge works:
The aircraft from the chassis, drum, base, damping block, transmission components and other components, running from the drum through the belt drive wheel motor driven wheel while running for high solid content after feeding the media first started, the liquid content of plus foreign media after the first start (PB series online for additional materials and cleaning function). The role of the material by centrifugal force field fit evenly in the drum wall, filter the liquid through the vent holes through the drum filter, solid stay long in the drum was cut, had been a separate request to cut off the motor (with drum brakes to stop the run), automatically shut down by hand the material discharged from the top.

实验用离心机2GMP requirements:
Cover, bearing bit, belt design to ensure the work area of the sealing machine to maintain effective internal and external isolation.
Material stainless steel, the main components used sanitary pipe and sanitary quick card. When necessary, to the surface anti-corrosion treatment.
Main Material:
Triangle ring, column foot, the chassis, axle seat, drum Landi HT materials are used, the drum wall, blocking fluid plate, shell and chassis, shaft seat, turn blue liner bag are made ​​of stainless steel.

SS-type experiments using centrifuge technology parameters:

Model Drum Motor Power Maximum separation factor Weightkg Dimensions
Diameter mm Height mm Speed r/min Working volume L Loading weight limit kg
LS150 150 100 3000 1.0 1.2 0.09 755 15 290×230×210
LS200 200 100 2800 2.5 3.0 0.37 872 40 450×240×280
LS300 300 160 1900 5 10.0 0.75 819 150 600×620×400

PBTechnical Parameters type experiment with the centrifuge:

Model Drum Motor Power Maximum separation factor Weight kg Dimensions
Diameter mm Height mm Speed r/min Working volume L Loading weight limit kg
PB200 200 100 2800 2.0 3.0 0.37 872 75 600*360*330
PB300 300 210 2800 10 12.0 1.1 1316 120 660*650*760

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