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LWL Series Spiral Screen Filtration Centrifuge

卧式螺旋筛网式离心机LWL series horizontal spiral sieve net decanter centrifuge has a large capacity, good solid degree of dehydration and low energy consumption and light weight advantages. As a high efficiency separation devices, widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and mining industries, for crude and short-fibrous crystalline solid suspension separation. Particularly susceptible to dehydration, high concentrations of suspension separation.

But the horizontal spiral centrifuge screen for materials highly targeted, requiring crystal size between the 0.05-10mm, and LWL series centrifuges easily lead to broken crystal materials. Bluebird and other advantages compared to the centrifuge manufacturer of Office:

1. According to the separation of materials with different degree of difficulty of the drum structure
2. by Harbin Institute of Technology senior structural engineer for specialized research material easily broken, the discharge area to improve, greatly reducing the possibility of broken
3. Improved mechanical washing area, increasing the thickness of residue washing zone, effectively improve the efficiency of washing
4. To improve the suspension structure entrance shape and improve the efficiency of centrifuge separation
5. patented dynamic seal technology to prevent falling into the filtrate suspension

卧螺离心机LWL How To Work:
Suspension from incoming tube into the spiral inner chamber, and throug the spiral small head close to the bottom of the cone material mouth into a drum spray in centrifugal field under the action of the liquid through setting pulp of a screen in turn wall separated out , solid-phase particle is interception in drum inside; meanwhile,drum of solid phased parties within the centrifugal and spiral and drum under the action of the differential between from drum small end to drum in this sport exercise ,big endian process,because rotary diameter increase,centrifugal force increasing rapidly,solid phase from initial into high moisture content solid-phase to eduction drum to low moisture content solid-phase, so as to realize the automatic and continuous solid liquid separation.

LWL horizontal spiral unloaded filtering type centrifuge is one kind of low power consumption,stable performance,separation effect good model.widely used in chemical industry,food,salt,mining,pharmaceutical and other industries (to dozens of material separation,we are successful experience in the model selection with our technical staff can communicate, so as to get a more detailed information).the feeding,dehydration separation process,catharsis,unloading process such as completion,production efficiency and automation program is high,it is a kind of advanced separation equipment.

But because of the separation principle and the structure characteristics,and its to material targeted also Strong in selection,should carry out material analysis and corresponding stet to determine the applicable and separation properties.


卧式螺旋筛网式离心机2Main Features

1. drum,spiral main parts as corrosion stainless steel,titanium alloy can manufacture.
2. Special filter,mesh thickness reach 2.5mm.long service life.
3. Drum stepless speed regulation.
4. Spiral sent speed adjustable,level and stepless speed regulation.
5. A simple and reliable lubrication method.
6. Security protection:speed detection,vibration protection,motor overloaded overheating protection,spiral zero differential protection.
7. For big viscosity materials,can choose hydraulic pressure differentials,stable and reliable.




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