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HR series horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge

horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifugeHR Working principle 
 HR series of two-stage piston pusher centrifuge mainly by the supply system, the pusher body, bearing, shaft, putter, internal drum, external drum, screen, set Branch trough, feed pipe, wash pipe, machine shell and other parts; main motor via the drive belt to drum centrifuge at full speed, the hybrid material by the continuous introduction of the feed tube to the plate at the fabric, the coexistence of uniform distribution under the action of centrifugal force to a drum inside the filter wall section , most of the liquid through the filter and drum filter discharge hole wall, the drain tube from the plane, the solid phase material is retained in the drum to form a ring cake layer. Level, two-speed rotating drum with the same time, the piston driven by a drum continuous axial reciprocating motion, thus promoting a pusher plate layer cake drum continue to intermittently move the discharge of a turn out drum, the drum further separated into the two cake layers and the formation of the ring, a drum outside the outer face, and to promote layer cake drum continue to move outward intermittently discharged two drum. Filtrate and washing liquid if necessary, were discharged.

Main features:
HR Series piston pusher centrifuge is a continuous feed, after the separation of the intermittent discharge of filtration cake centrifuge; the centrifuge can be running at full speed, the continuous feeding, separating, washing and discharging.
Has the following salient features:
1. Continuous operation, large capacity, smooth operation;
2. Separation factor is high, the material in the first, second drum can be fully dehydrated, the filter cake moisture content is low;
3. The purity of solid products when requested, can be effective washing, washing liquid, respectively, with the mother liquor can be discharged;
4. Power consumption low and uniform;


For separation with solid phase particle size greater than 0.15mm, the concentration of greater than 40% of the suspension; used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, for sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, urea, caffeine, polyethylene, polystyrene, oxalic acid, ammonium nitrate production.

Horizontal choice of piston pusher centrifuge
1, such as the moisture content of filter cake, washing demanding, requiring large production;
2, suspension concentration deposit 30% to 80% (mass percentage), average particle size is greater than the crystalline material 0.15mm, and the material viscosity of less than 10-1Pa · S.
Meet the above conditions can be used horizontal piston pusher centrifuge.

Technical parameters

Item \ Model HR400-N HR500-N HR630-N HR800-N HR1000-N
Diameter mm 337/400 438/500 560/630 720/800 920/1000
Filter area length mm 145/155 180/180 240/240 240/320 240/320
Speed r/min 1500-2200 1200-2000 1000-1800 800-1600 650-1250
Separation factor 503-1083 402-1118 352-1140 286-1145 236-875
Pushing the process mm 40 50 50 50 50
Pushing number 30-80 30-80 30-80 30-80 20-70
Main motor power kw 11 30-45 37-55 55-75 75-90
Motor Power kw 4 15 30 37 45
Production capacity t/h 1-8 5-15 8-25 15-40 18-50
Dimensionsmm 2460*1286*1030 2750*1480*1490 3690*1600*1265 3700*1800*1450  
Weight kg          

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