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Centrifuge maintenance of common sense

Centrifuge operation should be preceded by the first release off the power and brake the centrifuge, you can try hand-rotating drum, to see whether the bite evil situation.

Check for loose parts and other irregularities.

Power to drive clockwise start (usually from a standstill to normal operation takes about 40-60 seconds).

Typically each device to the factory must be empty running about three hours, without exception to work.

Material to be placed evenly as possible.

Must hand operation, the rated capacity of not more than the amount.

Non-machine into overdrive, so as not to affect the life of the machine.

After starting the machine, check if abnormal situation must stop, if necessary, repairs need to be washable.

Centrifuge work in a high-speed operation, so must not touch the drum with the body, to prevent accidents.

Filter cloth mesh material should be based on the separation of solid particles the size of, or affect the separation. Also when installing the filter cloth filter cloth

Ring embedded in the drum sealed tank, to prevent the material running into.

To ensure normal operation of centrifuges, rotating parts, preferably every six months after the refueling and maintenance time. Lubrication of bearings operating at the same time to view the situation, with or without wear and tear; brake components for wear in the case, serious to be replaced; bearing caps with or without oil spills.

Machine after use, cleaning should be ready to keep the machine clean.

Do not centrifuge and non-corrosion in highly corrosive materials separation; the other in strict accordance with equipment requirements to operate, non-explosion-proof centrifuge must not be used for flammable and explosive.