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Centrifuge Use

I. Centrifuge at pre-cooling state, the centrifuge lid must be closed, after centrifugation to remove the rotor upside down in the experimental stage, dry cavity over the water, the centrifuge lid is open.
II. Turned in a pre-cooling when the bonnet can be transferred on a platform placed in the centrifuge, or placed in the experimental stage, do not tighten the float can not be turned on, because once the false start, turn on the bonnet will fly out, causing the accident!
III. After tightening the bonnet switch must use your fingers touch the rotor and turn cover the gap between the availability, if the gap open to re-tighten the screw until the confirmation before the start seamless centrifuge.
Four in the centrifuge process, the operator shall not leave the centrifuge chamber, in the event of unusual circumstances the operator can not turn off the power (POWER), according to STOP. Fill in the pre-cooled centrifuge before use records.
V. not use the centrifuge to control counterfeit, not with aging, deformation, cracks the tube.
Six in the holidays and at night the last use of centrifuges can only leave after a routine security check.
Seven in the process of instrument malfunction occurred, the damage component should promptly contact the manufacturer