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Centrifuge purchase and management

Centrifuge model, a wide range of prices are more expensive to purchase shall be based on the work of multi-measure. Usually several factors should be considered below:

(1) the purpose centrifuge, analysis or preparation of centrifugal centrifuge;

(2) sample type and quantity of cells, viruses, or proteins, the size of the sample volume. Based on these factors determine the purchase analysis prepared by centrifuge or centrifuge; slow speed, high-speed or speeding; is large, constant or micro-centrifuge.

(3) financial capacity: When the model is to determine the manufacturer and should be considered after the price, price and product performance are synchronized.

(4) Other details: If the centrifuge operation is simple, maintenance is easy, design is obsolete, whether the convenience of wearing parts supply problems.

(5) matching problem: one can not simultaneously in the low-speed centrifuge, high speed and running speed conditions. Generally speaking ultracentrifugation ultracentrifuge only, not to do high-speed centrifuge is not advisable to do more low-speed centrifugation, the same high-speed centrifuge is not appropriate for low-speed centrifugation. So consider buying ultracentrifuge equipped with high-speed centrifuge, or can not play advantage. Generally, low-speed, high-speed high frequency of use, and the utilization of low speed centrifuge, ultracentrifuge laboratory often used only to consider the purchase or regional public settings.

Centrifuge model is confirmed, is to buy what kind of centrifuge rotor. According to the most important consideration is the sample size and the centrifugal conditions. Levels are usually turned around and turned the corner one, or large capacity (relatively low speed) and turned and turned a small-capacity high-speed work in each one to meet different needs, not to pursue the more complete the better, because Many different types of centrifuge rotor, and many are similar, but the price turned around and speeding machines are very expensive, if fully deployed their prices several times higher than the centrifuge host, it is not necessary. As the rotor speed of the different prices vary greatly. From the speed the higher the better sense not to pursue, but there should be the maximum allowed speed of the centrifuge rotor, or in terms of the centrifuge is a waste. The unit has two centrifuge rotor model may be considered complementary to save money.

Centrifuge management, the use of centrifuges from the domestic situation for many years, various types of centrifuges by the person responsible for management and maintenance. High speed centrifuge requires regular checks and maintenance, the user should be recorded experimental condition and repair, so as to ensure the safe use of centrifuges. High speed centrifuge as easy, by reading the manual, training procedures centrifuge after their own use. The ultracentrifuge complex structure, work processes are more complicated, prone to improper use of the accident, the centrifugal rotor should be particularly careful maintenance, use. Years from the domestic use, management point of view, hand care, operating the instrument in good condition is guaranteed. For management, operators should be trained so that they not only familiar with the operation, but the instrument should also be understood.

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