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Cooking a delicious centrifuge

Today, high-end restaurant kitchens have to purchase a new device, it is only recently in the medical laboratory and Department of Chemistry, University of appearing in a centrifuge.

This super-centrifuge larger, despite the appearance a bit like a washing machine, but on a rotating ring goes far beyond the power of the other appliances. They can turn tens of thousands of bottles per minute, the speed of rotation, the resulting centrifugal force of up to three times Earth's gravity.

At first glance, this trend will crush any of the ingredients of the force destroyed, in fact, a strong false gravity will only liquid food like soup separated into a variety of solid and liquid components. Take the tomato soup is French, after the centrifuge, its skin and meat in the glass at the end of precipitation, the formation of a compact disc; water gathered in the middle of the bottle into a transparent layer; delicious unusual Oil will float on top.

The reason that chefs centrifuge useful, first, save time, time-consuming and lengthy process of natural separation, such as vegetable soup isolated from oil, natural gravity to last several days, and in two times gravity centrifugal force, as long as a few minutes to complete, the results far more reliable than under natural conditions; two is that it will share the ingredients in the composition of crystal clear. Ingredients came out from the centrifuge has been formed when several layers of clear distinction, the chef can easily be poured out or needed to scoop out some.

For many foods, the high-speed rotation can smell their molecular cohesion within the liquid layer into a delicious exception, make it easier to cook. For example, the chef can be centrifuged tomato soup, just take one of the water and oil, made with a strong tomato flavor, but definitely refreshing broth. Bellevue, Washington has a cooking lab, dedicated to research in the kitchen, there are a few chefs to carrots as the material for super-centrifuge as a tool to produce a sweet fragrant carotene cream.

To make the texture transparent, smooth soup or sauce, you must try to remove the tongue can distinguish between those of solid particles, which is larger than 7 microns in diameter of solid particles. The filters and other cooking utensils can be done, as long as the time spent on the line. Centrifuge, after all, more convenient, but: as long as the mixture poured into the bottle, the super-rotor fixed, and then press the "Start" button, everything is properly up.

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